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As an award-winning journalist, Cori has travelled around the world telling stories for a wide-variety of international newspapers, magazines, TV and radio networks. From the slums of Rio de Janeiro, to the plight of First Nations foster kids in British Columbia, to the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, Cori has written everything from hard news and feature stories to personal essays and memoirs.

Her writing style has educated and entertained readers through thousands of stories. Versatile and creative, Cori has been published in major publications including the New York Times, Washington Post, Real Simple Magazine, Huffington Post, Maclean’s, Chatelaine, Reader’s Digest, Conde Nast Traveler, The Independent, among others. She was a staff reporter for The National Post and spent many years as a producer and reporter for CBC Television and Radio in both Washington, DC and Vancouver. She has lived in Costa Rica and in Chile as a foreign correspondent. And she has published a best-selling anthology Between Interruptions: Thirty Women Tell the Truth about Motherhood, which to this day continues to connect and inspire mothers.


Fact or Friction: A Pandemic Comes Between Best Friends. Maisonneuve Magazine. July, 2022

The College Goodbye Redux. Medium. July, 2021

The Architecture of Mindfulness. Montecristo Magazine. October, 2019

United Nations REDD Programme on Climate Change. Annual Report. 2019

The Easy Way to Travel as a Single Parent. Globe and Mail Travel, September, 2018

United Nations Environment ProgramVarious stories. 2017 onwards

Why I’m Still Living Under the Same Roof as my Ex-Husband. Real Simple, October, 2017

Celebrating my Daughter’s Coming of Age. Washington Post. October, 2016.

It’s Not Safe to Run Alone. I Do it Anyway. Washington Post. September, 2016.

A Sliver of Hope. Reforms have brought prosperity to Burma, but poverty is still the norm for most. Maclean’s. April, 2013.

Golden Moments: Back on the tourist trail after 20 years, Yangon offers a new generation a wonderful taste of Myanmar’s culture and history. Silkroad Magazine. January, 2013.

She Isn’t Sexy. She’s Seven. New York Times Online. Motherlode. July, 2012.

It’s a Cow. No, it’s a Goat. Experiments in Farming for City Kids. Huffington Post Parents. August, 2012.

Inside Canada’s First Breast Milk Bank. Best Health Magazine. August, 2010.

His Big, Fat Diet. An aboriginal community finds a low-carb mix of modern and traditional foods can boost their health. Reader’s Digest. March, 2009.

Saving James. One mother’s quest to change the system of mental health in Canada.
Today’s Parent. June, 2009.

The steep price of becoming a ‘dollar mommy. Globe and Mail. April, 2009.

Birds of play: Roaming with Raptors & the ancient art of falconry. Canadian Geographic. October, 2008.

Mixed Emotions: Living in multicultural Canada, I thought interracial marriage was proof race no longer matters. I was wrong. Chatelaine. November, 2008.

Invasion of the nanny snatchers. Globe and Mail. July, 2007.

Stealing Home: First Nations are taking back children that were fostered out by over-zealous government agencies. But what happens when those children don’t want to go home? Vancouver Magazine. October, 2003. Winner of Western Magazine Awards. 

Chief Injustice. Escalating abuse, corruption & mismanagement on First Nations reserves are prompting women to take action. Homemaker’s. April, 2000.


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