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After years of publishing personal essays and teaching writing to hundreds of women worldwide, Cori launched a series of unique retreats for women who want to explore, reinvent and reinvest in themselves through the power of writing and yoga.

Whether you’re tired and in need of a creative boost, in the midst of a transition or difficult life moment or struggling to find your purpose, these retreats will give you time to connect with yourself and other women, using writing and yoga as tools to reflect and heal.

These workshops are for writers and yogis of all levels. Bring your journal and a yoga mat, and be prepared for some deep, emotional introspection, restorative yoga, good company and inspirational stories.

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November 22-24 Nectar Yoga B&B, Bowen Island


Join Cori Howard and Chantal Russell for a one-of-a-kind writing and yoga retreat for women on Bowen Island this fall.

November 22 – 24

at Nectar Yoga B&B 


Our retreats offer an opportunity to unwind, get vulnerable, connect to yourself and share your stories with other women. We use yoga to get grounded, find balance and stillness and to release what we are holding in our bodies. We use writing as an outlet for all the feelings we hold, as a way to unpack the layers of our emotional experiences, as a way to let go and heal. The combination is very powerful. No yoga or writing experience necessary. Read the testimonials below to better understand the transformative power of this weekend retreat.

Retreat cost includes: Everything but transportation to Bowen Island! Morning and evening yoga sessions, daily writing workshops, delicious gourmet meals, optional spa services, nature walks & boundless opportunities for self-discovery and deep connection with an amazing group of women.

Cost: $795 – $850/pp depending accommodation choices. See below for more details.


To register, email hello@corihoward.com

$200 non-refundable deposit due upon sign up. Remaining amount due October 1, 2019. 

  • Private A-frame in the forest, bathroom in the main house a short walk away. 3 available spots. $850/weekend
  • Shared cottages with bathrooms, twin beds and a double in the loft. 9 spots available. $795/per person weekend
  • Forest cottage, private cottage with two twin beds and private bathroom with outdoor shower. $895/weekend
  • Private room in the main house with double beds and shared bathroom. 2 spots available $800/weekend



March 2019 • Galiano Island, Bodega Ridge

November 2018 • Bowen Island, Nectar Yoga B&B 

September 2017 • Sunshine Coast, Wilderness Resort

Cori’s retreats offer a quiet, sacred, trusting space to say anything your inner voice needs to say, to be heard and to start creating the self you want to be, surrounded by nourishing food, nature and yoga. Essentially, her retreats are always the first thing on my calendar for vacation planning the following year.”

Jen Mason

 Writing with Cori was such an amazing experience. With her kind spirit and gentle guidance, Cori offered prompts that would encourage words to flow effortlessly. I didn’t know what to expect from a writing retreat but found that the deep introspection and mindfulness of putting words on paper to be very cathartic and healing. The environment was always loving and supportive interspersed with lots of laughter and tears. I loved it so much I can’t wait to go back!

Heidi Seidman

November 2017 • Bowen Island, Nectar Yoga B&B 

September 2016 • Bowen Island, Nectar Yoga B&B 

I went in hoping it would be transformative … because I was at my edge … and it absolutely was. Here’s the truth that I learned this weekend. I am actually MORE than enough. I am abundantly and infinitely more wise than I knew, more beautiful than I thought possible, stronger. Daily I will tell myself, I am ABUNDANTLY ENOUGH.
-Karen Bannister

The retreat reminded me of the power of women, collectively, to be raw, honest, and empathetic. The windstorm, the forest sanctuary, and the full moon created this magic ambiance that made me feel vulnerable but also grounded in a female essence. I feel more prepared to write the stories in my head with truth and clarity. What a legacy! I am so honoured to have been part of a group that came together so committed to personal exploration and growth. You and Jazz make an amazing team.
– Alex King

For me, the retreat offered time to rebuild myself after 18 years of parenting on my own. Rest. New friends and writing with no judgment, only acceptance. What a perfect space tucked away in the woods, with nourishing food, time on our own to do as we please (I hiked and napped) and a circle of women who came together to share their stories. Every mom wants this even if they don’t voice it. I will definitely attend again!
-Jen Mason

What a gift this retreat was for me! A chance to connect to myself, my writing, my body and some beautiful women. I am so grateful for the awakenings this weekend gave to me.
-Angela Hartshorne

I did not know what to expect, but it was better than I ever could have imagined. I have never allowed myself the luxury of attending a retreat before. And frankly, I’m kicking myself for missing out on all those opportunities for deep and true connection. Cori and Jazz created a safe space and were able to honour our different levels of experience and ability with respect to both the yoga practice and the writing practice. They nurtured and prompted, and then gave time for the work to be done. When it came time to share progress, I felt protected, understood, accepted, loved. I now consider the women on this retreat to be my tribe and I could never have made that happen myself.
– Tamara Nowakowsky Komuniecki