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about_title Writing has been the thread connecting every stage of my career and my life. From angst-ridden teenage poetry to journalism to personal essays about motherhood, writing has been the one passion that consistently motivates me, inspires me and gets me through turbulent times.


Writing has always been the thread that weaves together every stage of my career and my life. From poetry to journalism to personal essays, writing consistently motivates me, inspires me and connects me with amazing people and communities and ultimately, with myself. 

I am always writing – on paper, in my head, on my laptop – crafting and polishing stories, my own and others.

I spent 15 years as a journalist, writing news, features and celebrity profiles. I’ve published dozens of personal essays on motherhood, which led me to write this book. I’ve ghostwritten books for other people, edited memoirs and magazines, founded and launched an online writing centre called The Momoir Project and I’ve taught writing at universities, elementary schools and writer’s festivals.

These days, you can find me writing primarily for executives, companies and organizations, creating “content” and trying to figure out the mystery recipe for making something go viral. I also write science articles for the United Nations Environment Program and when I have time, poetry and personal essays. 

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